Vehicle diagnostics


Remote vehicle diagnostics from Sycada enables you to control the state of your vehicles, including time/distance to service and any active trouble codes (DTC’s). This is part of our Connected Car offering that makes OBD and/or CANbus data available to central users.

With Sycada’s vehicle diagnostics module you gain live access to all your vehicles in your fleet and the same data as your repair-shop or dealer would have access to in the workshop. This is your key to a proper Duty-of-Care program and even to preventive maintenance information that will lower your vehicle costs.

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Sycada about header

Connected Car data

The vehicle diagnostics information available to you depends on vehicle make, model and year of build, but typically include:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Odometer, life-time distance
  • Time or distance to next service
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s)
  • Malfunction indicator lights (MIL’s)
  • Fuel level / fuel usage
  • Battery level

Naturally, the diagnostic data is complemented with information on position, speed, and drive style data for a full Connected Car offering.

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