Crash Analysis
Crash alerting and analysis using detailed crash log data.
Objective risk assessment and incentivisation of drivers in insurance book.
Non-intrusive way of coaching drivers to a sustainable and safe drive style.


We are on a mission to help fight climate change – using advanced technology. Everything we do revolves around achieving this goal. It’s what ‘fuels our engines’ so to speak.

With DriveTag, we enable drivers everywhere to take control and reduce their personal carbon footprint and improve their safety, without having to give up driving! We’ve created a product that is easy to distribute & install and fun to use.


DriveTag is a small, powerful device that you simply stick to the windscreen of your car. It measures how you drive (but doesn’t judge you and gives you real-time feedback via a smartphone app on how to improve your drive style. It also keeps scores and shows your performance and achievements over time. Fleet managers have (selective) access to scores and performance improvements via a web portal.

How it works

There is a ton of technology involved but the ease of use is phenomenal. You simply attach the DriveTag to the windscreen of your car, download the app and off you go. No tricky installation involved at all!


Watch this short video, which will show you exactly how DriveTag works.


DriveTag can save you up to 25% on fuel and make you half as likely to have an accident on the road. In addition, a mindful drive style will increase the life of you tires and brake pads with up to 30%. Not to speak about the positive impact of being much more relaxed during commuting. Why would you not want this?


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