Hi, we hope you love using the DriveTag app. We have created an overview of the most common help questions for your convenience. If you encounter any other problem while using the DriveTag solution, please contact the Helpdesk of your insurance provider or fleet administrator.

You can recover your password via the 'Forgot my Password' procedure on the log-in screen. You will then receive a password reset via your e-mail.
Please check that Bluetooth on your phone is turned on. You may also want to try to turn Bluetooth off and on again. On iOS phones you may also try to relaunch the application (double tap the home button and swipe the DriveTag application to termate, then relaunch).
It should not take more than a few seconds to connect to the tag. Some older versions of Android may take longer, but this should be the exception to the rule. Make sure that you have removed the battery safety slip on the DriveTag before trying to connect.
There could be a problem with the calibration of your DriveTag. Please follow the steps to recalibrate the tag when your vehicle is stationary and on a flat surface. You can do this by deselcting and reselecting the tag from the Tags menu in the app.
We rely on your phone's GPS reception to measure distance while driving. We recommend to always place your phone in a cradle as this ensures good GPS reception. If your journeys don't show mileage (n/a) this is likely caused by the app not being active, GPS not turned on, or the phone not being with you while driving. In that case, we will capture your start/stop times of your journey and your driving time, but not the distance covered.
The DriveTag will notify the app when a trip has started. However, in order to save battery life, the DriveTag will broadcast this information every 30 seconds and this could cause a short delay in the journey start notification (and in getting into the drive feedback modus in the app). In some cases iOS will have auto-terminated the app in the background (again to save battery); however, if your location tracking is on, the app will be relaunched once the phone detects a significant displacement of if the cell tower ID is changed. To avoid this, we suggest to always have the app running while driving.
The DriveTag sensor is very sensitive and can be triggered if your car is parked on a very busy street, by a sudden gust of wind, or if a cat uses your car as a place to rest. If your phone is visible from the DriveTag, you will receive a start journey notification. Do not worry, a stop journey notification will be triggered shortly thereafter and will have no effect on your scores.
If the DriveTag is not properly attached to the windscreen or if it sits on a surface that may vibrate excessively during a journey, crash alerts may be generated. It could also be that the DriveTag is not properly calibrated in which case you will need to follow the steps to re-calbibrate the DriveTag.
No problem! You just need to re-connect your new phone with the DriveTag in your vehicle.
This is possible by following the instructions in the tutorial (getting started).
The DriveTag can work with smartphones with Android versions 5.0 and iOS versions 7.0 or newer. Older OS versions are not supported due to problems with Bluetooth connectivity and stability.