eCar Sharing

More often than not, company lease cars spend most of their time on a company car parking. Unused metal on rubber. Moreover, a study shows that 80% of all company trips could be done by driving an electric car, at least in the Benelux.

Sycada’s Book ‘n Go car sharing app allows drivers to easily reserve a vehicle that fits their transportation need. And by making sharing convenient and simple, we make sure that vehicles in the pool drive enough kilometers to make it a viable business case.


The Book ‘n Go administration portal is flexible and allows for management of e.g.:

  • Access rights
  • 3rd party rental
  • Fair use policies
  • Differentiated tariffs
  • Planning and charging constraints


Drivers can reserve eVehicles via the Book ‘n Go app.

Smartphone App

Easy to use Smartphone app that allows for sharing of electric cars, scooters and van’s across the enterprise fleet, at campuses or even between companies.