Green Mobility Solutions

We offer you three important technology levers to significantly reduce the cost base and carbon footprint of your enterprise fleet: Mindful Driving, zero-emission vehicle integration and eVehicle sharing.

A more sustainable world at lower total cost of ownership. We literally save tens of millions liters of fuel each year for our customers and make their drivers safer and more comfortable in traffic. Why wait? Let us turn your green ambitions into green savings!


The Green Fleet Monitor portal

Sycada’s Green Fleet Monitor is a web-based portal that is divided into different modules that can be accessed by authorised users. So without further ado, let us share our innovative solutions with you.

Mindful Driving

Monitor and improve driving style for fuel & CO2 savings and improved road safety.


Zero-emission operations

Make the transition to zero emission operations faster and more profitable.


eCar sharing

Make sharing of electric cars, vans and scooters easy and convenient for drivers.