Asset tracking

m!Trace is a web-based asset tracking portal that allows for real-time monitoring and control over the location, status and utilisation of vehicles and other mobile assets.

Sycada offers you a turn-key solution with guaranteed availability and performance. Our multi-device, single platform strategy means that you have access to all your assets on a single system. We track cars, vans, truck, buses, trailers, containers and various other types of powered and non-powered assets with specialised devices and accessories, including:

  • Door sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Driver identification (iButton, MiFare)
  • FMS and CANbus gateways
  • OBD II support

Real-time access

Real-time access to location and status of vehicles, sensors, locations and drivers reporting in the portal.


The system offers active alerting in case of exceptions with many possibilities to define rules in the system.


Detailed operational reports are available and can be subscribed to by users.