Cargo security & Cool chain

In the logistics services for the perishable food industry, the area of fresh food distribution, catering companies, fast-food chains, wholesalers in fruit and vegetables and retailers all have high demands when it comes to hygiene and quality. And this requires strict monitoring and temperature control from origin to destination.

Similarly, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies work with temperature sensitive biologicals or perishables and medicines that can be damaged if the temperature falls outside strictly specified ranges.


Transparent and secure cargo chain

Sycada’s platform allows you full visibility throughout the transportation chain from departure to arrival. We provide highly reliable temperature sensors, robust GPS trackers for installation in either trucks or trailers, and a live system that provides you (and your clients) with online visibility 24/7. And we provide this against a market leading Total Cost of Ownership.

Sensor monitoring

Sensor monitoring (e.g. temperature, humidity, doors) offers full visibility in location and status of cargo at any point in time.