Asset Tracking
Real-time monitoring and control over the location, status and utilisation of assets.
Cool Chain
Providing security and temperature control for your freight from origin to destination.
Fiscal Trip Report
Ensuring trip administration of drivers are compliant with tax regulations.

Smart Mobility Solutions

Sycada’s m!Trace portal is a market leading Asset Tracking and Fleet Management solution for both SME’s and large enterprises.

We help more than 2.000 enterprise customers across Europe to monitor and manage their cars, vans, trucks, buses, trailers, containers, heavy duty equipment, and drivers down to the minute, 24/7, year in, year out.
 And it’s all online on a single platform.


Sycada has proven again and again to be best in class and highly reliable and with a dedicated and efficient service organisation. For this reason, we have been chosen as fleet partner by leading organisations such as the London Olympic Games (asset tracking and security), Connexxion/Transdev (Fuel reduction and Mindful Driving), LKW Walter (Mobile enabled supply network), TNT/FedEx (Cargo security), , DMG Gildemeister (Fleet Management) and Lindner (fiscal trip reporting) and Nationale Nederlanden (Usage Based Insurance).


We offer you bespoke hardware tailored to your specific operational context ranging from full-install black-boxes to OBD II devices to IoT tags that connect with Smartphones. Sycada can therefore connect all your assets to a single platform and we work with mixed fleets consisting of cars, LCV’s, trucks and HGV’s, buses, trailers, containers and various other non-powered equipment.

Asset tracking

Real-time monitoring and control over the location, status and utilisation of vehicles and other mobile assets.


Cargo security & Cool chain

Full visibility  of cargo access,  temperature and other sensor values throughout from departure to arrival.


Fiscal trip reporting

Fiscal proof web based and Smartphone access to the trip administration for drivers of company cars.