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DriveTag allows you to roll-out a Mindful Driving program at low cost and in a way that takes away concerns about data privacy.

DriveTag can help turn your green intentions into green savings while keeping your drivers engaged and enthusiastic.


Extremely easy to distribute, to use, and with a low price point. Ingredients that allow you to go international with your Mindful Driving program within a very short period of time


Enterprises that start using DriveTag rapidly become enthousiastic abouts its simplicity and quick results. A few examples to get you enthousiastic as well!

“After a couple of months with DriveTag I realise that I drive in a more relaxed manner. Because of it’s simplicity, DriveTag makes it easy for me to implement it across the organization. My vision for this is: sustainable, safe and fun. That’s’ what we currently miss”.

Jan van Noord - SHE Manager Benelux & Nordics, Unilever

“There are many reasons for NOT to focus on safe and sustainable driving. DriveTag gives enterprises a good reason for doing it! It facilitates continuous improvement without creating barriers for drivers in terms of ease-of-use”.

Bart Flick - Manager eMobility Solutions, Eneco

“Do I drive more relaxed with DriveTag? Absolutely! The app notifies me when I brake or accelerate too hard, mostly after a long day at work. I like the competitive element as it stimulates everybody to do their best”.

Remi van Dam - Manager External Field Operations, VodafoneZiggo

“I have become way more conscious about how I drive. Without DriveTag as a real-time coach it simply would not happen. A bit of theory or an hour with a driving instructor will maybe work short term, but DriveTag is ongoing and make new habits stick ”.

Luuk van Kuik - Director Innovation Lab, Business Lease

DriveTag for Enterprise is:

  • Windscreen attachment, no vehicle installation required
  • Puts your drivers in control of their own data
  • Circumvents discussions about Privacy
  • Allows for enterprise gamification, bonus schemes
  • Multi-language App for iOS and Android
  • Full compliance with European GDPR legislation
  • Low cost addition to current telematics installations

Mindful Driving with VodafoneZiggo

VodafoneZiggo and Sycada have partnered up to promote mindful, eco-friendly lifestyles with the DriveTag.

DriveTag is a tool that encourages more mindful driving behaviour in a non-intrusive, fun way. The tag attaches to the windscreen of your car, measures how you drive, and gives you real-time feedback via a smartphone app on how to improve your drive style.


DriveTag makes it easy for drivers to cut their carbon emissions, save money on fuel and be safer on the road. It’s easy to setup and use, and motivate users to engage and compete with each other to be most mindful drivers in the leaderboard of their friends or colleagues.