DriveTag makes it incredibly easy for drivers to cut fuel use and carbon emissions. It saves money, it’s easy to use, and its gamification and social sharing elements motivate users to positively engage.


DriveTag is a small, powerful device that you simply stick to the windscreen of your car. It measures how you drive (but doesn’t judge you ? and gives you real-time feedback via a smartphone app on how to improve your drive style. It also keeps scores and shows your performance and achievements over time. Fleet managers have (selective) access to scores and performance improvements via a web portal.


The tag is a small, battery powered device that you stick to the windscreen of any type of vehicle. It registers how the car is driven by monitoring the areas of driving that have a direct impact on fuel usage and safety: braking, acceleration and cornering.


In case of an accident, DriveTag will register the details of the crash so that it can be made available for claims settlement.


Via the Smartphone app, drivers receive real-time feedback on their drive style and alert them if for example speed limits are exceeded. This is done in a non-intrusive and non-distractive fashion. Via the app, drivers also have access to drive scores for each journey and their performance over time along with ranking vis-à-vis other drivers in a group.  We strive to make the app easy and fun to use!


The app respects the privacy of drivers and allows them to decide how they want the personal feedback and what they want to share with other parties, being employer or insurance company.


A web portal is available for fleet managers. The portal gives access to drive style details for the entire fleet and to KPI management with regard to fuel, health and safety parameters.  Depending on what is agreed with drivers from a privacy point of view, more or less drill down functionality is given to data points like journeys and drivers. Different stakeholders can be granted access to different modules and reports in the portal.


An accident reporting and analysis module is available to support in claims settlement.