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There are many reasons for choosing Sycada as your mobility partner, but here are the ten first and foremost...:


Robust: 15 years experience, 2.000+ clients

Secure: Mission critical security system compliant

Performant: Guaranteed service with solid SLA’s

Complete: All your assets on a single platform

Multi‐device: Complete range of GPS and IoT devices

International: Operations in Germany, Netherlands, UK. Greece.

Leading: In OBD and CANbus data

Leading: In drive style monitoring and feedback

Leading: In Electric Vehicle integration

Best: Price/Performance, guaranteed

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Track Trace van...

Mocht u vaak op de weg zitten en nog nooit een trailer van LKW Walter hebben gezien,...


About Sycada

Sycada leads the way in telematics with more than 15 years of experience and 2.000+ happy clients.


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