Our history

  • 2003 - Sycada Mobile Solutions was founded
  • 2010 - 1.000 happy customers
  • 2012 - London Olympics
  • 2013 - Sycada goes Green
  • 2015 - Usage Based Insurance
  • 2016 - more to come


Sycada is an innovative telematics and IoT company with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. We are honoured to serve more than 2.000 enterprise clients across Europe with innovative solutions, including asset tracking & fleet management, connected car, green mobility and UBI programs.

Sycada has proven again and again to be best in class, fiercely innovative and highly reliable and with a dedicated and efficient service organisation. For this reason, we have been chosen as solutions partner by leading organisations such as the London Olympic Games (asset tracking and security), Connexxion/Transdev (Fuel reduction and Mindful Driving), LKW Walter (Mobile enabled supply network), TNT Express (Cargo security), ADAC (In-car services), DMG Gildemeister (Fleet Management) and Nationale Nederlanden (Usage Based Insurance).

We are Global M2M Partner of Vodafone and Fleet Solutions Partner of Garmin Inc.

Ten good reasons to work with Sycada

There are many good reasons to join Sycada as your telematic partner. We offer you ten goed reasons here:

  • Proven technology and track record

    More than 10 years experience, proven technology and track record and with a spotless reputation. Sycada stands for innovation, professionalism and integrity.
  • One-stop-shop

    Sycada controls all parts of the solution (hardware, connectivity, infrastructure, reporting/BI, user applications). A one-stop-shop you can trust and with transparent service level guarantees.
  • Tailored to your specific operational context

    We offer you bespoke hardware tailored to your specific operational context ranging from full-install black-boxes to OBD II devices to IoT tags that connect with Smartphones.
  • All your assets

    Sycada can connect all your assets to a single platform and we work with mixed fleets consisting of cars, LCV’s, trucks and HGV’s, buses, trailers, containers and various other non-powered equipment.
  • Connected Car

    Sycada is market leading when it comes to Connected Car solutions and we offer a full suite of online services, including fuel & CO2 monitoring, drive style analysis, crash reporting, and remote remote diagnostics.
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  • API’s for connecting

    We understand that a telematics solution should ideally be integrated with your primary business processes. Therefore, we offer a series of API’s for connecting with 3rd party systems, including ERP, TMS, Planning, and HR systems.
  • Specific Key Performance Indicator

    Sycada has a relentless focus on performance improvement and RoI. We are able to implement your specific Key Performance Indicators in our online Dashboard solution so as to offer you immediate insight in performance and alerts upon deviations.
  • Mission critical robustness

    Sycada’s hosted telematics platform offers mission critical robustness, security and reliability and with full redundancy of critical equipment and power supplies. Our hosting facility is certified according to ISO 270011 and ISEA 3402.
  • Large-scale implementations

    We are used to large-scale implementations of which the London Olympics Games (all buses secured and monitored by Sycada during the Games) and LLKW Walter (collaborative transport network of more than 3.000 sub-contractor vehicles) offer strong testimony.
  • Best price/performance

    Sycada offers you the best price/performance. Guaranteed.
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Sycada leads the way in telematics with more than 15 years of experience and 2.000+ happy clients.



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