Sycada works with a series of world class partners in the mobility, technology and telecommunications space. We proudly introduce…


With the help of TWAICE, Sycada can give customers the additional benefit of going deeper into the battery of their vehicles and understanding how the state of health is performing and how it will perform in the future. TWAICE believes that the transformation to a battery-powered world will reach maximum impact when critical decision-making is backed-up by rock-solid data. No guessing or hoping! Their mission is to accelerate the transition to green energy and emission-free mobility. Their technologies empower decision-makers through confidence in accurate data to be the driving force within the battery supercycle.

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Located in the Technology Park of Vizcaya, an important Research and Development centre in Europe, Owasys is a company specialized in the design, development, production and international sales of advanced wireless devices.Owasys is a team with unique know-how and experience resulting from having worked more than 15 years with the largest telecommunication manufacturers at a worldwide level.Sycada’s embedded software and accessory list for the Owasys wireless devices are available upon request. Sycada has extensive experience in the Owasys Embedded Platforms and is, as an Owasys Competence Center, available for advice and support.

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HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies powers mapping, navigation, and location solutions for enterprise customers. Their mission is to create a digital representation of reality to radically improve the way everyone and everything lives, moves, and interacts. HERE has maps and detailed road information of nearly 200 countries. Sycada integrates HERE data for use in advanced Usage Based Insurance solutions, including DriveTag.

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Zauner is the leading provider of digital tacho services headquartered in Germany. Sycada offers Zauner Digi Tacho archiving and driver card download services as extensions to the m!Trace platform. Remaining drive hour notifications are seamlessly integrated with the online services of Sycada and the Zauner suite of tacho services are being supported by Sycada across Europe.

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As a global IoT partner of Vodafone, Sycada can offer seamless connectivity with a global footprint at flat rate prices. A quality communications network is a necessity for a telematics firm that prides itself with industry leading reliability and service levels. For an example of our cooperation with Vodafone, watch this video about the leaders in IoT.

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e-Driver offers programmes that kick-start and embed safe and sustainable driving within your organisation. Not only will your employees get home safely at the end of the day, but you will also reduce CO2 emissions.


The new generation of e-Driver modules combines our knowledge of routine behaviour and raising risk awareness with scientific insights into behavioural change. The result is an integrated approach for safe and sustainable driving with lasting impact. e-Driver is fully integrated in our application and available as an add-on.

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ICRON Technologies

ICRON Technologies is a leading developer of Advanced Planning, Scheduling & Optimization solutions to help customers improve and optimize their end-to-end supply chain operations. ICRON provides optimized, automatically generated plans and schedules while simultaneously considering demand, resource and asset constraints and business objectives. ICRON automatically performs most of the schedule generation activities and produces schedules in minutes rather than hours or days. ICRON Detailed Scheduling provides fast rescheduling capability to respond to frequent changes. A situation which is extremely relevant in the context of electric bus operations.

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Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants started in 1960 to “put the brains of Cambridge University at the disposal of the problems of business and industry”. In the last 60 years many high-tech enterprises can trace their roots back to Cambridge Consultants. we are a global team of engineers, scientists, designers and consultants helping some of the world’s biggest brands and most ambitious start-ups to realise their technology-based aspirations. Sycada has partnered with Cambridge Consultants to co-develop the DriveTag beacon.

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Garmin is the global leader in satellite navigation. Since 1989, Garmin has designed, manufactured, marketed and sold navigation, communication and information devices and applications – most of which are enabled by GPS technology. Garmin’s products serve automotive, mobile, wireless, outdoor recreation, marine, aviation, and OEM applications. Sycada is certified Fleet Management Partner of Garmin. This allows us to offer Connected Navigation on the Garmin navigation terminals (PNDs).

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