About Sycada

Sycada is a tech and software developer that offers tools with the aim of making our transport and mobility needs industry greener, safer and more efficient. We believe that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand and we help companies achieve their goals on both ends.

Sycada’s mission is to make a positive impact on the world of tomorrow.


By applying smart technology, we drive the sustainable developments of transport and mobility needs and ensure clean, safe and efficient road use. This is not only beneficial for our planet, but also for you and your company. Due to the high Return-on-Investment of our solutions, sustainability goes hand in hand with minimizing costs and optimizing internal processes. In everything we do, we put innovation, data security, reliability, and impact first.


Our team consists out of driven, ambitious and dedicated individuals with different expertises but the same goal: contributing to a better future.


Together we are working towards a climate neutral future.

We as humanity face a huge challenge and there is no time to waste, climate change does not wait. More than 99% of all scientists agree: Global warming is a fact, it is mostly man-made and it is happening at a fast pace. 


The biggest driver of global warming is our collective CO2 emission. 25-30% of this pollution is directly related to transport. We have made it our mission to develop innovative technologies that significantly reduce these emissions.


We believe in a CO2 emission-free future and want to accelerate this process by applying our knowledge and expertise in technology and transport.


Technology is in potential a very powerful means to achieve sustainability. But to be able to use its full potential, it is essential that this technology is implemented correctly within the organization. We help you secure this!


We want to inspire people by showing them that they can be part of the solution through a shift in awareness and behaviour. This creates a positive chain reaction and makes conscious and sustainable driving mainstream.