Our mission is to help enterprises make their fleets more sustainable, safe and cost efficient.

A study conducted with 650 Dutch and Belgian enterprises (CEO Insights, 2018) stated that companies with an above average growth within their sector also had ambitious goals regarding sustainability. Conversely, companies that could be characterized as growth laggards demonstrated a non-existing agenda when it came to sustainability. This is turning into what we would call a ‘Convenient Truth’.


At Sycada, we demonstrate that a more sustainable world can go hand in hand with a healthy Return on Investment.


Climate change is not a problem for later.

We don’t have any time to waste.  99% of the World’s scientists endorse the fact that climate change is happening, that it is caused by humans, and that is happening at a pace underestimated by even the worst pessimists one decade ago.


Carbon pollution is the biggest driver of climate change with transportation of people and cargo accounting for more than 30% of this pollution. Luckily, the right technology is available to help you realise substantial savings in fuel usage and  CO2 emissions across your corporate fleet while reducing costs at the same time.


Let us inspire you to take action.

You can learn more about our innovative technology, how it was implemented by some of our clients and what the impact has been on this website.


Technology is a tremendously powerful tool. We realise, however, that in order to reach its full potential, it needs to be implemented properly and, most importantly, accepted amongst its users. This prompted us to write a Whitepaper on the “Hard Soft Factors of Mindful Driving”, which will guide you through a successful implementation of the Fuel & CO2 Reduction Programme.


It is possible to save costs and reduce emissions, at the same time. And why wouldn’t you? It’s good for the bottom line, the environment, your brand name and your stakeholders.


Please contact us to learn more about our Fuel & CO2 Reduction Projects, our experiences and how we can facilitate substantial savings for your organization. I dare to promise you a healthy Return on Investment.


Sincerely yours,

Kristian K. Winge