Data gateway & Hub

Sycada offers you a comprehensive set of tools to help your ZE transition be faster, less costly and with lower risk.

Live Data capture

A wireless, automotive and ITxPT certified, data gateway to capture vehicle and battery data for live transmissions. The gateway is highly modular and comes with multiple CANbus  and K-line interfaces, 4G connectivity and massive data processing and storage power. If you are an OEM, you can even run your own code base on the platform.


And of course, we offer you Global SIM connectivity and remote device management at flat rates.

Download the technical spec sheet here. 

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Managed Data Hub

An ISO27001 certified, secure and centrally managed platform for data storage and processing. Data can be shared via a series of documented API’s and with different data delivery mechanisms including REST, Streamer and FTP. 

You can use the API’s to feed your own data warehouse or operational systems with data spanning vehicles and their batteries, charge sessions, operational events, and other relevant status information.

Data Catalogus

Data catalogue and APIs for:


  • Vehicle & charge point status
  • Operational alerts
  • Route assignments
  • Route/trip energy usage
  • Charge sessions & transactions
  • Vehicle data (logging)

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