DriveTag is an unique piece of technology. It is small, powered by a replaceable coin-cell battery, and uses a high-definition accelerometer to register driver actions that have a direct impact on fuel usage and road safety: braking, acceleration and cornering. Via Bluetooth BLE it communicates with a driver app installed on a Smartphone. This allows for real-time coaching of drivers, providing them with contextually relevant feedback on how to improve their driving style.

DriveTag by Miles

A Pay-as-you-Drive (PAYD) proposition that provides statistics on when a vehicle has been used and which kind of trips have been made.

Clever trip capturing logic ensures that only actual trips are captured by the app, even when no Smartphone is present. A back-end API allows for integration of vehicle journey’s for additional data processing or invoicing, e.g. on a pay-by mile-basis.

DriveTag Mindful Miles

An industry leading Pay how you Drive (PHYD) proposition that adds driver performance scores to journey statistics. Unique to the app is the delivery of real-time feedback on driving style while on the road. In addition, the app illustrates afterwards on how the driver can improve his or her behaviour. Depending on performance and scores, specific driving advice is provided every week. This makes behavioural change much more likely as the feedback is personally relevant to the driver. In this way, the app coaches towards mindful driving behaviour during and after the journey, with all the associated benefits.

Each journey a driver makes receives a set of scores related to driving style (braking, accelerating, cornering), respect (speed and speed violations) and attention (Smartphone usage while driving). A good score on these three dimensions denotes a mindful driver.

DriveTag SDK

A Software Development Kit that integrates all relevant business logic pertaining to Bluetooth connectivity management and correct journey registration of drivers. If you want to integrate the patented DriveTag technology into your own app and back-end servers, this is the way forward for you. Sycada develops and manages the SDK and ensures ongoing OS compatibility with iOS and Android Smartphones.

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