The DriveTag Beacon

DriveTag is a unique piece of technology. It is small, powered by a replaceable coin-cell battery, and uses a high-definition accelerometer to register driver actions that have a direct impact on fuel usage and road safety: braking, acceleration and cornering. Via Bluetooth BLE it communicates with a driver app installed on a Smartphone. This allows for real-time coaching of drivers, providing them with contextually relevant feedback on how to improve their driving style.

De DriveTag Features

Unique Technology

‘Under the bonnet’ there is a ton of technology involved that changes the game and makes DriveTag robust and easy to use:


DriveTag self-learns its orientation and self-calibrates as soon as it is installed on the vehicle; it can be fixed to the windscreen in any orientation. This translates into an easy and faultless installation and on-boarding of drivers. From that point onwards, DriveTag registers and stores high fidelity accelerometer data from the vehicle.


The fixed mount provides superior coupling to the car, which combined with a significantly higher data rate (10Hz versus 1Hz of a smartphone) reveals high resolution car vibrations. The windscreen itself also helps by acting as an amplifier of vehicle vibration.


Patent protected power management algorithms on the tag enables us to stretch the lifetime of an off-the-shelf coin cell CR2032 battery to more than a full year assuming 20,000 kilometres of normal driving. The tag is by default always asleep unless a certain vibrational pattern wakes it up so that it can start registering vehicle data.


Advanced journey detection algorithms make use of the gyroscope and GPS functions of the Smartphone in conjunction with BLE proximity detection with the tag to determine whether a driver is indeed moving in a vehicle and has not stepped on a train, a bike or has started carpooling with a colleague. Our application logic makes sure that no trip is registered erroneously.

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