What is DriveTag?

With DriveTag, we enable drivers everywhere to take control and empower them to reduce their personal carbon footprint and improve their safety, without having to give up driving! We’ve created a powerful product that is cost efficient, easy to install and fun to use.

DriveTag is a small, battery-powered device that you simply stick to the windscreen of your car. It measures how you drive and gives you real-time feedback via a smartphone app on how to improve your driving style. It also keeps scores and shows your performance and achievements over time.


DriveTag can save you up to 25% on fuel and make you half as likely to have an accident on the road. In addition, a mindful drive style will increase the life of you tires and brake pads with up to 30%. Not to speak about the positive impact of being much more relaxed during commuting. Why would you not want this?

How does it work?

There is a ton of technology involved but the ease of use is phenomenal. Just stick the tag on the windscreen of your car, download the app and you’re ready to go. No complex installation needed. Watch this short video, which will show you exactly how DriveTag works.


DriveTag demonstrates how innovative technology can help solve real problems.

1. Road safety

Did you know that in the EU28, road traffic accidents claim 25.600 lives per year, and leave more than 1,4 million people injured.. For each fatal casualty 30,000 near accidents happen – that is 768 mln near accidents each year! DriveTag is positively impacting driving behaviour and thereby creating safer roads and reducing the likelihood of accidents by more than 50%.

2. Sustainability

Our roadgoing vehicles account for more than 25% of CO2 emissions. In EU28, we tank our vehicles with 341 billion liters per year. Most large enterprises have now committed to serious CO2-reduction targets. For many companies, those targets cannot be achieved without addressing the CO2 footprint of their vehicle fleet. DriveTag offers a low cost, easy to use technology to realise your sustainability targets, whilst respecting the privacy and driving pleasure of drivers.

3. Vehicle TCO

More than 40% of the total cost of a vehicle is related to how people drive (Fuel 20%, tires, brake pads, repairs 15%, insurance 8%). DriveTag has proven to reduce tyre and brake pad wear by up to 30% and reduce fuel costs with up to 25%. That means you can save a lot of money, time and energy just by using this little device.


A suboptimal drive style and road distraction increase aggressive driving behavior, lead to more traffic errors, decrease concentration and in general give more stress to drivers. Drivers report being much more relaxed in traffic and arrive at their destination with more focus and less stress.

What drivers say about DriveTag

“Ik moet eerlijk zeggen dat ik dacht dat ik vrij rustig reed. Ook tijdens de Defensive Driving Training krijg ik complimenten over mijn rijstijl.Mijn visie voor de organisatie: duurzamer, veiliger, gaming en daardoor incentives per persoon en/of per groep. volgen. Met de DriveTag heb ik geleerd dat ik best nog vaak te hard rem".

Jan van Noord - SHE Manager Benelux & Nordics, Unilever

"Er zijn altijd legio redenen te noemen om geen focus te leggen op duurzaam en veilig rijgedrag, DriveTag geeft organisaties een goede reden om dit juist WEL te doen. De DriveTag stelt bedrijven in staat om een continue verbetering in te zetten zonder barrières op te werpen in gebruikersgemak".

Bart Flick - Manager eMobility Solutions, Eneco

“Of ik rustiger ben gaan rijden met de DriveTag? Volmondig ja! De app geeft een seintje wanneer je te snel optrekt of te hard remt. Vooral na een werkdag word je met je neus op de feiten gedrukt. Het maakte me rustiger en relaxter in het verkeer. Ik rij nu ook af en toe zonder, maar dan verval je snel in ‘oud’ gedrag. Ook heb ik het gevoel veiliger te rijden en kom zeker meer ontspannen aan op mijn bestemming".

Remi van Dam - Manager External Field Operations, VodafoneZiggo

“Met de DriveTag ben ik bewuster gaan rijden – het was voor mij noodzakelijk een dergelijk hulpmiddel te hebben want zonder lukt of beklijft het niet. Het helpt mij ook langdurig bewuster te rijden. De theorie en/of een uurtje praktijklessen helpen op de korte termijn maar op langere termijn verval je weer in ‘oude’ gewoontes en dito onzuinig rijgedrag. DriveTag is ‘ongoing’ waardoor aangepast rijgedrag erin slijt".

Luuk van Kuik - Director Innovation Lab, Business Lease

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