Online modules

A full suite of online modules to support traffic controllers, planners & dispatchers, operations management and drivers to achieve operational excellence in their ZE operations. The online modules include:

Drive Style Monitor

KPI dashboard

Monitoring progress and achievement of drive style and energy usage  relative to defined targets.


Drive style scores

Insight to drive style scores on individual level and groups of vehicles and driver.


Journey statistics

Review of drive routes along with mileage, duration, scores and energy usage.

ZE Operations Monitor

Vehicle status

Live information about location and operational status, battery SoC and any events requiring attendance


Asset cards

Overview of important events and operational exceptions during the day, including charge session interruptions.


Energy usage patterns

Graphical view of energy usage pattern during operations as decision support to planning operations.

Alert Dashboard

Vehicle alerts

Alerting related to critically low battery SoC values or sudden drops in SoC and driving range.


Charge point alerts

Alerting related to charge point sessions when vehicles are not properly connected to a charge point or the session is interrupted. 


Planning alerts

Alerting related to vehicles not being able to complete its planned routes or being placed under a wrong charge point. 


Task management

Task progress selector to ensure transparency to all ‘actors’ centrally and on the ground.

Dynamic Planning

Day-ahead planning

The planning tool use capacity and logistical constraints to assign vehicles to planned routes based on their availability and SoC.


Progress monitoring

Driver instructions: Progress is constantly being updated with live data from vehicles and charge points. In case of potential problems arise, the traffic controller will receive a notification.


Manual replanning

The traffic controller or planner can change the assignment plan by simple drag-and-drop of vehicles.


Algorithmic optimisation

The system can, in case of planning conflicts, dynamically replan the entire operations plan at any point during the day based on the new operational reality.


Driver instructions

Inbound screens to guide drivers to the right charging point upon return to a depot, Outbound screens for informing drivers when a vehicle is ready to start a route.

Battery State of Health monitoring


  • Part of UK Automotive Strategy Board
  • Largest trial with EV’s in UK
  • Sycada provided connected car infrastructure
  • Monitoring of traffic and charge profiles of drivers
  • Understanding conditions for large scale introduction of EV’s



  • Pan-European project with multiple cities and transport companies
  • Sycada ZE solution for TNT/FedEx for vehicle performance benchmarking (distribution LCV’s)
  • Monitoring also for Norwegian Post Transit Connect vehicles



  • EMEurope innovation consortium leader (Cloud-your-Bus)
  • Online platform and data hub for creating operational excellence in European public transport
  • Focus on Capex savings (fleet size optimization) and solving operational issues in managing 100% ZE fleets

Charge Point Management

Charge point status

Integration of charge point data using OCPP/OCPI for live updates on availability, state changes and progress of charging sessions.


Remote control

Remote commands including connector unlock, soft & hard resets.



Transaction logs and diagnostics data for maintenance purposes.



Operational reports on charge point uptimes and charge cycles.



OtA firmware and configuration/setting updates





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