What is Mindful Driving?

Mindful Driving builds on one principle: when drivers become aware, energetic driving behavior is coached to automatically reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Sounds logical, right? A better world, for less money. Now that is what we call a 'convenient truth'.

Based on former successes, Mind Driving users can expect the following benefits:

Average fuel and CO2 savings between 8 and 20%

Up to 30% less wear on tires and brakes

Often 50% less traffic accidents

Fewer complaints from fellow road users


Fewer complaints from fellow road users

Improved passenger comfort

Less stress among drivers


The ‘soft factors’

Despite all these benefits, there are still companies that experience resistance when considering implementing Mindful Driving. Even if they have set ambitious goals for the sustainability or the safety of their road going employees.


Apparently there are a number of things that in practice have an inhibiting effect on both the implementation and the results. We call these 'the soft factors' of Mindful Driving:

Remuneration problems who benefits from it?

The Big Brother-effect privacy concerns

Insufficient support from the organization

“Its just a momentary hype thing”

Lack of time and experience with transition management

Mindful Driving can only have a lasting effect by identifying and then tackling these soft factors. Because every organization is different, there is not a single magic solution for this. As Sycada, we are happy to assist you before, during and after the implementation of our software. This is how we ensure lasting impact. Preview? Download our Whitepaper 'The hard factors of Mindful Driving' here.

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