Online modules

Thanks to Sycada’s portal, you have direct access to KPIs in the field of energy consumption and the development of driver performance. The objective is to reduce the difference between the worst and best drivers, allowing you to realize significant savings while making improvements in road safety and comfort. The portal makes it possible to actively and specifically manage driving style and fuel savings.



Development of driving scores, fuel/energy consumption and achievement of targets. KPIs at the level of vehicle and driver groups are immediately visible.


Adjustable widgets:

Data is summarized in a collection of tiles (also called ‘widgets’) that show information about the results achieved. These tiles can be composed per user group.



Overview of best and less capable drivers within designated groups of drivers and vehicle types.



Overviews of best and less performing drivers within the company and defined groups (such as depots or vehicle groups).



Insight into exceptions and alerts, including access to heat maps for historical alert data.


Journey reports:

All trips that have been performed can be looked up and ‘re-enacted’ on digital maps, including indication of scores achieved and any locations where certain threshold values ​​have been exceeded.


Scores per ride:

It is possible to zoom in per trip on underlying data and build up driving scores. This makes very concrete and direct coaching of drivers possible.


Fleet performance:

Access to operational reports on fleet deployment, energy consumption and driving scores, supplemented with specific reports for Zero-Emission vehicles and Charging Points.


Driver performance:

Every driver has his own performance card that can be drawn up for adjustable periods. This gives the driver insight into his own performance and his ranking within a group. This report can possibly serve as input in job reviews, coaching conversations and reward programs.



Reports can be run manually and exported both online and in files. If desired, subscriptions can be set up for reports that are used regularly. It is possible to automatically send weekly, monthly or quarterly reports by email.

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