What is Smart Mobility?

We serve more than 1.000 enterprise customers across Europe to monitor and manage their cars, vans, trucks, buses, trailers, containers, heavy duty equipment, and drivers down to the minute, 24/7, year in, year out.
 And it’s all online on one single platform.

Sycada has proven again and again to offer the best quality and to be highly reliable, with a dedicated and efficient service organisation. We offer you bespoke hardware tailored to your specific operational context, ranging from full-install black-boxes to OBD II devices to IoT tags that connect with Smartphones.

Vehicle tracking

Real-time tracking of vehicles when control of usage and whereabouts of vehicles is required for dispatching or client service purposes. Both full-install black-boxes, battery mounted trackers and OBD II devices can be used depending on the your specific need and operational context. Sycada offers you the best price/performance combination of hardware, connectivity and online services. Guaranteed.

Situational tracking

A plug-and-drive device allowing for periodic tracking of vehicles simply using the 12v cigarette lighter to power the tracking device. No need for installing equipment and dead-easy to distribute to drivers. You can even make the tracker a personal device for a driver that switches between company cars and hired-in vehicles on a regular basis.

Fiscal trip reporting

Fiscal authorities require a detailed administration of journey times, locations and mileage. Sycada’s trip reporting module is in full compliance with European law and national tax regulations and offers web based and Smartphone access to the trip administration for drivers. Sycada offers GPS, OBD II or CANbus devices as the basis for fiscal trip reporting.


In the logistics services for the perishable food industry, the area of fresh food distribution, catering companies, wholesalers in fruit and vegetables and retailers all have high demands when it comes to hygiene and quality. This requires strict monitoring and temperature control from origin to destination. Sycada’s platform allows you full visibility throughout the transportation chain from departure to arrival. We provide highly reliable temperature sensors, robust GPS trackers for installation in either vans, trucks or trailers, and a live system that provides you with online visibility 24/7.

Non-powered assets

If your assets do not have a power source, Sycada offers you battery-powered trackers for heavy-duty operations with more than 5 years battery capacity and designed to operate unattended in harsh environments. For package tracking, you may be interested in our AA battery powered trackers that will monitor the progress of parcel deliveries over extensive periods of time and with flat-fee Global roaming.

Extensive data logging

Some of our clients in the (public) transport industry require a broad spectrum of data pertaining to odometer, fuel usage, drive style, battery SoC, tachograph, engine hours, and various diagnostic and sensor data – all at the same time. Our Linux-based gateway offers all of this through a multitude of interface possibilities covering multiple CANbus and K-line connectors, Ethernet, more than 10 configurable digital and analogie I/O’s, 1-wire, and many more configuration options. The device comes in standard and ruggedized versions and is Automotive and ITxPT certified.

If you do not recognize your situation in the use case examples above, contact us anyway. We are quite certain that we can provide a bespoke device to suit your needs!

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