Impact services

We have guided many different implementations at Sycada and thereby gained a lot of experience. Influencing (driving) behavior is always a challenge. We have achieved many successes but also learned from mistakes.

For lasting impact, it has proven to be very effective to make use of our Impact Services. Our experience is that close involvement both during the rollout and during the program can provide additional benefits, including:
  1. Increased support among various stakeholder groups.
  2. Improving the ability of the Program Manager to use the available data.
  3. Accelerating the desired results and strengthening the overall business case.

That is why we have taken the initiative to offer a Customer Impact package. We work closely with the relevant program manager and the stakeholders involved by designing the different phases as follows:


The program management support package ensures that momentum is created and guaranteed extra quickly. Thanks to this momentum, the positive impact can be realized more quickly. This creates more attention and interest for the program.

1. Communication
Inform and involve stakeholders properly for the necessary support.

2. Targets and KPI’s
Validation an alignment with regard to system settings and targets. Test and fine-tune system settings for widespread adoption.

3. Systems
Test and validate any system links. Safeguarding source data and preventing the 'garbage in, garbage out' syndrome.

4.Training of users/managers
Prepare the people involved well for the implementation, build trust in the organization, develop a 'Yes, we can' attitude with each other.

5. On-boarding of drivers ('conversion')
Have as many drivers as possible create an account in the first period.


The following activities are important to maintain momentum and build on results:

1. Engagement
Maintaining engagement and momentum (‘retention’): Allowing more and more drivers and managers to actively work with the system, analyzing login behavior of drivers and managers. Drivers and/or managers who drop out try to bring them back online.

2. Securing progress
Analyzing progress in driving scores and achieving set targets and optimizing payback time and RoI. Periodically sit down with managers and super-users and discuss achieved results and ways to solve any challenges or bottlenecks.

3. Management support
Prepare and facilitate management and stakeholder meetings. Provide internal stakeholders with timely and relevant information and inventory feedback.

4. Monitoring system
Monitoring equipment operation and availability of source data and system links. Secure source data related to vehicles and drivers.

eLearning & Driver training

In collaboration with e-Driver, Sycada offers data driven training to achieve the goals of individual drivers. Based on the reports that Sycada provides, e-Driver offers various training courses to maintain the performance of the fleet over time.

e-Driver offers a combination of specific periodic micro-learning training that can be expanded with High Risk training and Safety training. It is possible to offer these training courses to the entire fleet as well as to the drivers where the most improvements can be achieved. These short video training sessions are focused on specific topics where there is room for improvement.

Mentor training
Finally, it is also possible to train individuals to become mentor drivers. e-Driver offers 2-day training courses to future mentors aka drive style ambassadors. These mentors can help guide the rest of the drivers in the fleet on the way to better mindful meter scores. By so doing, they act as ‘roles models' and ambassadors for an emerging Mindful Driving community in your company.

Driving style training
In addition, various in-vehicle, hands-on training can be used for drivers with low drive style scores. Based on collected drive style data, various training modules can be offered. These modules consist of a 2-hour 1:1 training aimed at a safe and sustainable driving style.

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