The Zero Emission challenge

Sycada provides you with a full solutions package to support your Zero-emission operations from data capture to data management and online tooling for traffic control, planners and operations.

Zero-Emission operations

As humanity, we face the challenge of transitioning to emission-free transport as soon as possible in the interest of preservering the earth and the well-been of the next generations. This may seem like a challenge, but Sycada is here to fully guide you through this process. With our ZE-toolbox we help you from A to Z towards an emission-free, cost-efficient and optimized fleet.


Zero-emission transport is rapidly coming out of the ‘project’ phases and has entered a volume that requires fleet operators to take a much closer look at the requirements for managing a 100% zero-emission fleet. New rules and tools for playing the operational game are required and failure to adopt these could make the transition very costly.

Why ZE transmissions are potentially costly…(but with Sycada not)


Energy usage on electric vehicles are heavily influenced by drive style. A mindful driver can easily add 25-30% extra range and hence influence the dimensioning of a fleet significantly.


Seasonality plays a big role in energy consumption of electric vehicles. Using historical energy usage averages to plan a vehicle on a route will no longer do it.


Unforeseen interruptions or delays in charging sessions can heavily disrupt operations.


State-of-Charge data and forecasts are often inaccurate and provides limited forward visibility to traffic operators and planners.

There are two ways out of this maze: Either add more assets to your operations (which is expensive) or adopt innovative technologies to give you transparency, control and forward visibility of your operations (which is a lot smarter).


Good news: Sycada provides you with the latter and can help you make the RoI of your ZE operations more attractive.

Sycada makes Zero Emission business attractive

Working with Sycada and adopting our toolbox to facilitate your ZE operations will make your transition fast, less costly and less risky.

Lower Capex

By helping you plan and manage your operations more dynamically and by helping your drivers become more energy efficient in their driving style, we will reduce the number of vehicles required for you to meet your service levels.

Lower Opex

By providing your planners with access to live data, forward visibility and pro-active alerting, we will reduce the number of operational disruptions, fire-fighting and associated costs of corrective measures.

The combination of the two will make the business case for your ZE transition a lot more attractive!

Sycada is a pioneer in Zero Emission operations

What’s good to know: Sycada is pioneer when it comes to emission free operations and has been involved in several large innovation programs covering vans, trucks and buses.

  • Part of UK Automotive Strategy Board
  • Largest trial with EV’s in UK
  • Sycada provided connected car infrastructure
  • Monitoring of traffic and charge profiles of drivers
  • Understanding conditions for large scale introduction of EV’s
  • Pan-European project with multiple cities and transport companies
  • Sycada ZE solution for TNT/FedEx for eVehicle performance bencmarking (distribution LCV’s)
  • Monitoring also for Norwegian Post Transit Connect vehicles
  • EMEurope innovation consortium leader (Cloud-your-Bus)
  • Online platform and data hub for creating operational excellence in European public transport
  • Focus on Capex savings (fleet size optimisation) and solving operational issues in managing 100% ZE fleets
  • DKI Transport project supported by the Dutch enterprise Agency
  • Using A.I. to forecast energy usage and end od trip SoC shortly after vehicle has started its first journey
  • Aims to reduce S0C safety buffer in ZE planning

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