Our impact

Everything we do is geared to deliver tangible, positive results to your P&L and to our environment. We offer three technological levers to achieve this:

Mindful Driving.

Companies that have implemented our Mindful Driving solutions have reported average fuel savings of typically 8% to 20%.  At Connexxion, The Netherlands’ leading public transport company, we have realised savings of just under 10% each year over the last five years. That’s just shy of 5 million liters of fuel saved each year. As the Connexxion spokesperson in this television news item states:


“I understand that you may be skeptical, but there really is no catch! We are more on time, our customers have a more comfortable ride, our drivers report that they are less tired when they return home from work, our drivers earn a bonus, and Connexxion saves on fuel costs. It’s just a plain positive story. Full stop”.   Nicky Jansen, Spokesperson, Connexxion Openbaar Vervoer.


Our IoT partner Vodafone was so impressed with the results that they wrote a case study on our work with Connexxion.


It, thus, comes to no surprise that the Management Team of VodafoneZiggo decided to test Sycada’s latest innovation DriveTag for their company lease cars fleet. And the results? Driving style scores improved by 35%. On average, sedan cars in their fleet made fuel savings of over 25%, with one car saving as much as 51% (granted, that is unusual). Read more about these impressive results here.


Transition to zero-emission.

Sycada is a pioneer in connecting electric vehicles (EV).


In 2010, we were chosen as telematics partner for the, then, largest European trial with electric vehicles called Project CABLED, a cooperation between the UK car industry and a number of universities. Collecting battery and vehicle data from over 300 EVs on a daily basis for a period of two years, allowed for deeper insights in the challenges of mass adoption of EVs. At the time, range anxiety was at its height.


Since then, with many projects completed, a lot has changed. A lot has been learnt.


Today, Sycada is a leading provider of telematics technology for zero-emission (public) transport. Our real-time monitoring technology, concerning energy usage, charge cycle progress and battery usage, has covered over 100 million zero emission kilometers.


Aiding our customers in obtaining live data from their electric vehicles and general charging infrastructure allows for better operational control, more efficient planning and deeper insights in how to measure and manage zero emission fleets from a strategic and tactical point of view. This, in turn, allows us to speed up the transition to at a lower cost and at lower risk.


Our ambition is the essence of the European EMEurope project Cloud Your Bus (CYB), a consortium led by Sycada:


The Goal of CYB is to reduce the risks and costs of zero emission bus operations and hence accelerate the overall transition from fossil fuel to zero emission. With the aim to create operational excellence in zero emission bus operations, CYB has created an online data hub that provides live eBus and charging point data to OEMs, bus operators, charging infrastructure providers and operational planning solutions.


The technology developed here will benefit public transport and city distribution companies across the world. Contact us to learn more and for a live demonstration!