Up to 25% less CO2 emissions at Vodafone

DriveTag is a tool that encourages more mindful driving behavior in a non-intrusive, fun way. The tag attaches to the windscreen of your car, measures how you drive, and gives you real-time feedback via a smartphone app on how to improve your drive style.

DriveTag makes it easy for drivers to cut their carbon emissions, save money on fuel and be safer on the road. It’s easy to set up and use and motivates users to engage and compete with each other to be the most mindful drivers on the leaderboard of their friends or colleagues. When enough of us focus on making a difference together, we can have a seriously positive impact on our collective carbon footprint. Moreover, studies show that we are at least 50% less likely to have an accident when adopting a mindful drive style.

Mindful Driving is changing mindsets.
Feedback from drivers was consistently confirmed that when actively using DriveTag felt more relaxed while driving, and on reaching their destination.


" I drive almost 60,000 kilometres per year and, admittedly, I drove in quite an assertive, sometimes even aggressive, way. I was skeptical when I first heard about DriveTag. But when seeing my scores going from red to yellow to greenish it became a bit of a sport to achieve a higher score and a better ranking than my colleagues. And, if a fellow road user now forces me to brake hard, so that I lose my A-score, I secretly curse him a bit. Who would have thought that? "

Evie Tissen
Manager Order Fulfilment

Putting initial skepticism to rest.

" What surprised me most was the impact on my mindset when commuting. The app made me conscious about my drive style, my speed and my distance to other cars, the way I accelerate and brake, and it actually made me arrive at my destinations much more relaxed. "

Remi van Dam
Manager External Field Operations

Goals for Sustainable Development

VodafoneZiggo is committed to help with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. DriveTag helps us make a triple contribution.

We are promoting Good Health and Wellbeing (#3) by lowering drivers’ stress levels. We are developing our industry through Innovation and Infrastructure (#9) without any additional waste or pollutants, and all this whilst taking Climate Action (#13), lowering the consumption of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions.

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