LKW Walter

LKW Walter is the leading transport organization in Europe for Full Truck Loads (FTL).

LKW Walter moves more than 930.000 FTL’s per year, exclusively with chartered trucks. Creating transparency and control in a transportation network with thousands of trucks and tens of thousands FTL movements per week is a daunting task. It could be achieved using Sycada’s Remote Server infrastructure and m!Trace application with distributed log-in rights to LKW Walter and to all participating charter companies.


The Sycada solution offers the following benefits:

  • Planners of LKW Walter have direct insight to FTL movements, position of trucks and proximity to loading/unloading locations. This allows for more efficient dispatcing in the entire network.
  • By optimizing the entire network (no truck drives empty), the collaborative network is kept profitable while simultaneously offering more competitive rates can be offered to customers.
  • Messaging to trucks that are equipped with the Conneted Truck navigation option saves time and communication costs.