Charge Point Management
Allowing remote management and diagnostics of charging infrastructure.
eCar Sharing
Making sharing of a pool of electric vehicles convenient and simple for your employees.
Mindful Driving
Coaching drivers to a sustainable and safe driving style.
Zero Emission
Reducting the cost, risk and time for the transition to zero emission vehicles.


Sycada’s mission is to help enterprises make their fleets more sustainable, safe and cost efficient. We develop innovative Telematics and IoT technologies that deliver a more sustainable world at lower costs. Who wouldn’t want that?

We serve more than 2.000 enterprise customers across Europe from offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Greece.


We work with (public) transport companies, city distribution and taxi companies, facility-, maintenance-, and professional services, and a host of other sectors to make their fleets Smarter and Greener. We save tens of millions liters of fuel each year on behalf of our customers.


We do this by accelerating the transition to zero emission vehicles, by facilitating sharing of (electric) vehicles, and by helping drivers become safer and more energy efficient in the way they drive. You can read more about our mission, impact and solutions on this website.


Smart Mobility: If you are looking for a solution to improve the utilisation, efficiency and cost base of your fleet, you should take a look at the Smart Mobility section of this website.


If you are looking to reduce the carbon footprint of your fleet (and save cost at the same time), you should look at the Green Mobility section. We would be excited to help you turn your green intentions into green savings!


And while we are at it: we just launched our newest innovation DriveTag, which allows every driver in the world to adopt a Mindful driving style at a fraction of the typical costs.

GREEN mobility

Reduce the carbon footprint of your fleet (and save cost at the same time).

SMART mobility

Improve the control, utilisation, efficiency and cost base of your fleet.


Help your drivers to a mindful driving style. It's good for the planet and your wallet.


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