Mindful Driving

Mindful driving unlocks fuel savings and reduces your carbon footprint

The Green Fleet Monitor builds on a simple principle: When the driving behaviour of your employees improves, fuel costs and CO2 emissions go down. This sounds logical, and it is. Our experience shows that the difference in fuel usage between drivers using the same vehicle and in the same context can be up to 40%.


“What surpised me most was the impact on my mindset when commuting. The app made me conscious about my driving style, my speed and my distance to other cars, the way I accelerate and brake, and it actually made me arrive at my destinations much more relaxed.”  Remi van Dam, Manager External Field Operations, VodafoneZiggo


Coaching drivers to become more mindful of their driving style therefore offers significant benefits. Fuel savings in the range of 8-20% on average, reduction of road going accidents, often by more than 50%, increase the lifespan of tires and brake pads, and less stress on the road. This can be achieved with Sycada’s Green Fleet Monitor.

Performance dashboard

The performance dashboard allows for monitoring of important KPI’s, performance trends, energy usage across vehicle and fuel types, energy savings, ranking of (groups of) vehicles and drivers.

Online review of journey

Online review of journey details allows drivers more insight to areas that can be improved and facilitates active driver coaching and engagement.

System generated events

Access to all system generated events and alerts and ability to use heat maps generates new insights into trouble zones and areas where special attention is needed.

(Automated) report generation

(Automated) report generation offers data analysis at the level of individual drivers, vehicles and groups thereof (depending on agreements made within your organisation).

LED display

A LED display in the vehicle offers drivers real-time, easy to action, feedback on how to improve their driving style and become more energy efficient.