Meet Zero Emission Manager Roy Klaassen

To further assist companies in transitioning to zero emissions, we have appointed a Zero Emission Manager since November. Meet: Roy Klaassen. A molecular biologist from the trucking world with a big, beating green heart. Who is he? Where does he come from? How did he end up at Sycada? What is his vision for a sustainable future? And how might he help your company potentially transition to zero emissions? We asked him to share his story in a personal blog.

I was 10 years old when I first came into contact with the world of trucking. My father took me along when someone from our village got a new truck. We celebrated with cream cake. It may sound odd, but I have fond memories of this. I think that’s where the seed was planted, the passion and hence the fondness for the mobility sector.


People with children will probably recognize the phenomenon: the urgency to leave the world in a good state. That happened to me too. Before joining Sycada, I worked at Volta Trucks (manufacturing fully CO2-neutral trucks), where I was responsible for sales and market development in the Benelux region. However, legislation and weak government policies eventually led to their downfall. It’s a shame. What couldn’t stay afloat due to unfortunate timing has triggered an even greater sense of urgency in me. A beautiful concept that has now made a comeback in the United Kingdom, and I hope it will find its way to the market.


“If I do something, I want to be the best and really achieve something great”


At Sycada, I can combine my two favorite worlds: the somewhat “traditional” world of trucking with the modern zero-emission world. Let’s be honest. That’s our common higher goal: a sustainable future. These two are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary; they reinforce each other. And that’s exactly what we prove at Sycada. We merge them and multiply them for resilience, change, and sustainable revolution.


I don’t mince words. It’s a big challenge to transform a rusty world into a leader in green energy. But well, if I do something, I want to be the best and achieve something great. I see it as a challenge that I am very excited about because it’s achievable. Moreover, at Sycada, I at least have access to the tools I believe in. Tools that have the potential to make it happen. Just look at public transport. Sycada has succeeded there too. With over 10 years of experience, we’re going to prove it once again.


“Earning money and sustainability can go hand in hand”


The call for environmental awareness is growing louder. We can’t ignore it anymore. It’s not a question of if we should change, or even when. We all know that the time of zero-emission zones is coming. Sooner than we think, in just over a year. The question is how we can change as quickly and efficiently as possible. I truly believe we can make it happen. But it requires technological innovation and the right tools, assistance, and knowledge. The right investments in the right places. In other words; unlocking what’s stuck. I’m happy to help. 


“Strategically use your diesel fleet and invest with the savings”


My strength is perseverance and clear, concrete communication. No vague promises but trust and help to change where it’s most needed. Believe me; with the right financing, you can pay for it yourself. Really! If you use your diesel fleet more intelligently now with our help, you can invest in your transition to zero emissions in a year or two with the savings. Simple as that. Believe it or not, but making money and sustainability can go hand in hand. 


Maybe you already have a system that helps you change driving behavior. But it probably doesn’t give you insight into where the cost savings are taking place. Let alone where you need to change or where you should invest. My deep-rooted passion in both sectors (mobility and sustainability) ensures that I truly believe in Sycada and am 100 percent behind this product. Why? Because Sycada has not only earned its stripes in Dutch Public Transport, but mainly because Sycada can really answer the big questions and challenges that exist. All based on hard data. There are no government interests; it’s all purely from a green heart and a vision for change. I genuinely believe that we can pull it off together.


The step is smaller than you might think. Contact us, even if it’s just for mini advice on transition. We’re happy to think along. I’ll engage in conversation with you and see where your needs lie so that we can shoulder the burden together. In fact; I won’t stand up until everyone at the table is satisfied.


Meet Zero Emission Manager Roy Klaassen

To further assist companies in transitioning to zero emissions, we have appointed a Zero Emission Manager since November. Meet:...

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